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Cancer, Diarrhea,Tuberculosis,Lung diseases, Fungal infections, and Lesions, for some people this means nothing, but for other people knowing these symptoms may be knowing the difference between life and death. Today many people in Ethiopia suffer from AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiany Syndrom, its a deadly virus passed from person to person by having oral sex without protection, sharing needles, or reusing needles, ect. Pregnant woman may also pass the disease to thier unborn child if infected. This disease is very deadly and side effects may not be noticable.(LeeAnne Gelletly 2008)This disease has no cure and can only be treated.Testing procedures are to give the patient AZT. AZT is a drug prescribed to patients to delay the effects of AIDS.

When AIDS enters your body, your body is then in medical terms Imunnodeficient. Saying that the body is Imunnodeficient is a way of saying that the body is without a defense system.(Paula McGuire 2006)The AIDS virus cannot live outside the body. When a doctor sees that your T-cells or white blood cells have fallen by about 500 they then prescribe AZT. The people of Ethiopea are very poor, and problably cannot afford any condoms or have sex education. Wich is why the percentage of african americans with AIDS has gone up.( cdc.gove june 28 2007).