-"Clusty". 11/24/08 www.clustycom. 
I like this website because it helped me gain most of the information in this website.

-Gelletly,LeeAnne.AIDS andHealth Issues.Mason Crest Publishers.
This book didnt help because it have broad information.

This book didnt help that much because it didnt have much information in it.

-''Education Geography''.12/15/08<www.geography.about.com
This website helped because it gave me Information about the Geography of Ethiopia.

-World Encyclopedia Book.26 vols.Chicago,IL:2006.
This Book didnt help me that much. It gave general information.

I like this website because it gave me some info about AIDS in Ethiopia.

I liked this website because it explained the stages of HIV and AIDS very clearly and it helped me gain some information so that i could put it into my own words and put it on the website.

This website was very interesting. I found alot of good facts that helped with certain sections of this website.